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Gryphon Carbon Consultancy B.V. was founded in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 2006 by Joost Kanen, a Dutch energy economist., and writer.

Mr. Kanen previously was a negotiator and delegate of the Dutch delegation to the UNFCC Conference of the Parties, He was responsible for talks on Article 17 of Kyoto Protocol. He also negotiated on the design of the EU ETS, carbon market.

Combating Climate Change

Gryphon Carbon Consultancy B.V. was founded in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 2004 by Joost Kanen, after his book Carbon Trading & Pricing (London 2006, Tokyo 2008) was published with discoveries regarding data errors in the EU Emissions Trading System.

There are several carbon markets around the world, but the biggest innovation has been the EU Emissions Trading System. Besides that there are Voluntary Carbon Markets, and both the UK, Germany and California have national emissions trading systems.

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Gryphon Carbon Consultancy B.V., independent consultant, excels in carbon market research, market data, market design as well as takes an active role in intermediating carbon sales

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Applying policy to combat Climate Change

Climate policy can be split in 3 methods: sustainability rules and regulations, taxes and external artificial markets that correct for external effects such as pollution.

Biomass / Wood pellets

Gryphon Carbon Consultancy also has experience in intermediating biomass sales both across continents, as well as inside the European Union.

Our Team consist of several consultants in various international locations, making us flexible and effective

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